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Freelance Audio Supervisor


A freelance audio supervisor with extensive experience in all disciplines of audio and video production in television and corporate sectors. Demonstrates strong technical skills coupled with a proven ability to teach production techniques at University and High School level. Accomplished skills include producing, directing, video camera operation, editing, audio recording, web design and effective trouble shooting. Thrives under tight deadlines and multi-tasking in a leadership role or as part of a team. An avid learner who stays abreast of new technologies.

Or as someone who knows me well wrote about me....

Phil is an inspirational public speaker and visionary. With a wealth of experience in motivational and conflict resolution, Phil can create harmony in a dysfunctional team utilising Neuro Linguistic methodology and eating pain au chocolat by the basket full. He is calm under pressure, responding well to immediate and looming disharmony and is dead cheap.

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